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05 November 2011

Diocesan Convention

This morning the diocese of Pittsburgh welcomed 21 new parishes, missions, and mission in formation congregations. More of them are beyond the "Burgh" than local, and it must be an overwhelming thing to meet with the "beyond the Burgh" district caucuses. Pittsburgh is everywhere, and with tipping our balance a little outside the local Pittsburgh village, everywhere is coming to be Pittsburgh.

We got the first peep of a church that will be leaving us to be joining their own diocese, and by this time next year we may be bidding them fare-well. And as mutterings come to fruition, I expect more church plants to be accepted next year.

On the legislative front, the convention is, as was said of last year's event, 'boring.' But relationally, dynamically, in our character and fellowship, we're anything but boring. I spent lunch today with Pittsburgh leaders from California and Wisconsin, break with Springield, MO. We're raising up churches (and therefore deacons) from coast to coast. And we're faced with how to export our resources and successes and grow because of who and what are being imported, however temporarily.

It is cool to be in Pittsburgh.


  1. Nice snapshot and comment, Tara, and thank you. I like the Terrible Towel idea. Toward a global Steeler Nation! Sounds like a positive Convention, with I hope good energies for the year ahead.



  2. Bruce, the Terrible Towel is almost a "freshman hazing" ritual for some of these distant parishes. The first one to get towelled was Cleveland, and you can imagine. That was two years ago and its been an endless source of amusement since. The Packers fans up in Nashotah were a bit, um, reserved (and amusingly so) last night but graciously waved the towel today when we received them officially. Other towels went to Chicagoland and California this year. I have deacons in training to keep up with all over the place, too... and I'm ever so thankful for technology!!!!

  3. You train deacons? Well, be careful. Don't let them be huggin' no one. Hear?

  4. Dave, I'm so glad you post here. What would I do without you. Blogging would be boring.

  5. What’s wrong? Why is your face so red, why are your cheeks so puffed up?
    What’s this? Why do you shake your head side to side and round and round?
    What’s that? A lady bug flew in your ear? She brings you good fortune!


  6. ****Awards Dave the first ever FRA-Blog-Reply-Of-Pure-Awesomeness Award******

    Of course, that and a two bucks might get you a cup of coffee.